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Newlyweds is a game where a couple must know each other better than anyone else in order to win! Partners answer questions about each other, and each correct answer gets them closer to winning the game.

The whole thing takes about an hour and a half to play and is played in two rounds. This game can accommodate 6-14 players. You must sign up with a partner, or if you don't have one, you can post in the thread that you're looking for one and someone might ask to be yours.

aquarius10d 20h
i would love to host a game this Saturday at 7 pm EST if enough people sign up by then!! if not, next Sunday (Apr.21) at the same time would most likely be the date

lmk if you have questions about the game!
aquarius10d 20h
also: no prize for this round. just playing for fun
steve10d 20h
i’d win this but timings bad for gum and i, unlucky
Alyssa10d 20h
Me and LeChuck! <3
char10d 19h
me and muki - even though he sucks
muki10d 19h
banime10d 19h
me and the first person to quote me
jela10d 19h
me and syd pleaseeee :)
Sign myself and FGToXiC up please ;D
me and kylecho6 would love to play <3
Possess10d 16h
Dumbnial and I
aquarius10d 16h
one more couple
doggo10d 16h
slorp and i would join but we would demolish the competition soz lads
GodStephCurry10d 16h
magyk28 and i here to run the table x
aquarius10d 15h
hi friends we're full for now but in case a couple drops out, you can still post here if you're interested in subbing in just in case
DarkB10d 15h
gl people
aquarius10d 15h
ok i was convinced to add another couple bc i love them. now we full
aquarius10d 32m
I forgot to mention - discord will be required as part of this game. It's how you'll send me your answers privately, and I'll also share the game rules/tips etc in group chat with you all. You can also ask questions if you're confused and it's best to answer it with everyone there so people don't keep asking the same questions. I have most of you on discord already but please make sure that you are online when the game begins.
aquarius7d 15h
Thanks for playing! Here's all the scores and placements:

7th - superspooky and ZzFifthElementzZ / 50 pts

6th - LeChuck and Alyssa / 55 pts

5th - denial and Possess / 90 pts

4th - Reamix and banime / 100 pts

3rd - muki and char / 115 pts

2nd - slorp and GodStephCurry / 120 pts

1st - kylecho6 and mssbooklover / 130 pts

had fun :) look out for the next one


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