When I was 106

Karmatica14mon 6d

My dad refused buy me the spy toy I wanted, so I told my teachers at school that my dad touches me in my no-no zone. When child services came, I told them I lied but they ended up finding child nudes on his computer anyway. I didn't get my spy toy & now I don't have a dad :(

clickflick22Apr 4, 2019
this is so not epic
JeffApr 4, 2019
electric chair
zigApr 4, 2019
I'm pretty sure it's obvious why he didn't want to buy it for you.
torikateApr 4, 2019
Well... If he had child nudes on his computer than you should be praised anyways. Love you, girl!
IAmANoobApr 5, 2019
torikate that... that's not how it works
torikateApr 5, 2019
How so?