So I really wanted to share this with ppl because I think its fkn awesome, but none of yall will care but bare with me here.

This is Master P and Silkk the Shocker recording a song from their 1997 album TRU 2 DA GAME,..which i own..great album.

It's rare to actually see some of the creative processes behind your favorite music,..unfortunately it seems the whole studio session is lost to time,..but some clips survived.

EDIT: Btw this is LIL Romeo's dad...incase yall may know him from there.

D3xTr0m3th0rph4nApr 1, 2019

This is the 3rd verse,..The final version is quite a bit different from this one. My favorite line that didnt make the cut..

"Gone! Danked out. [XXX]s Dranked [xxx]s selling stones out my crack house"
D3xTr0m3th0rph4nApr 1, 2019

This is the first 16 bars from the 2nd verse by Silkk the Shocker. GOD I think this whole verse is so fire, love Silkks energy..Silkk is a rapper you either love or hate,..he has an off-beat unorthodox flow.

He is Master P's brother btw.
D3xTr0m3th0rph4nApr 1, 2019

This is just them listening to the 1st verse and master p rapping it in the studio...just showing it off basically.
D3xTr0m3th0rph4nApr 1, 2019

The finished song