Roll to Dodge418

aquarius23d 13h

Hi! Welcome to Roll to Dodge. You can jump in at any time!

Roll to Dodge is an RNG turn-based game. Basically, you post an action you want to take, and I will roll a six-sided die to determine the outcome of your action (much like dice in DND).

  • 1 = the action fails hilariously, and backfires
  • 2 = the action fails, not much happens
  • 3 = the action partially succeeds
  • 4 = the action succeeds normally
  • 5 = the action succeeds in the best way
  • 6 = the action is overshot, and backfires

The story: You are part of a band of scrappy warriors who have teamed up to take down a mythical creature who resides at the top of a large mountain. Legend says the creature guards a heap of gold, rare weapons, and more. The only thing that stands in your way... a six-sided die with an unpredictable spirit.

Before you jump in, you need to create a quick character sheet that allots 20 points to the following: strength, endurance, intelligence, confidence, luck, agility, and badassery. These characteristics will affect how your actions pan out.

Have fun!

roll to become a hot librarian/p*rn star
aquarius8d 11h
roll to become a hot librarian/p*rn star
You roll: 4.

You go to the village salon for a makeover and come out looking like a hottie! You take a job as the village librarian, which drives up library traffic 500% for some reason...
all in on luck
i roll to learn how to reincarnate people
roll to samuel pls
roll to learn a new spell
shady7d 21h
Roll to open a competing brewery chain in the Greater Mountainside Area
i roll to learn how to reincarnate people
You roll: 3.

You learn how to reincarnate people, but only into insects.
roll to samuel pls
I'm assuming you meant to save ISamEI.

You roll: 4.

You cast a resurrection spell and hope it'll work. It does! ISamEI has returned to life.
matt7d 5h
roll to learn a new spell
You roll: 4.

You turn pages and pages of ancient spellbooks in the Elamora library. There's so many to choose from, you're not sure where to start. You decide to settle on a stunning spell - you can stun your enemies for 15 seconds when in battle.
aquarius7d 5h
Roll to open a competing brewery chain in the Greater Mountainside Area
You roll: 3.

You open a new brewery chain, [name of your choice], to compete against Ruth's chain that continues to grow in popularity. Some of your loyal customers come back to you, but the business just isn't the same. Sometimes you find your pub egged and vandalized...
roll to learn secrets of the Elamora library
jacobkrin6d 21h
i'd like to join with 1 strength, 3 endurance, 5 intelligence, 1 confidence, 7 luck, 2 agility, and 1 badassery
jacobkrin6d 21h
roll to gain the power to time travel
ISamEI6d 20h
roll to grant matt a zombie army
Softdrop6d 20h
I will reincarnate milton as a butterfly <3


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