Jake Vs. Milton53

Jake4319mon 3d

So it has been rumored that both I, Jake431 and Milton1234 have applied to be site moderators. I have also heard that right now the mod team is not sure which one to hire.

Who would you rather have for mod? This is not a political ad so don't expect any flaming of Milton1234, though I'm sure i'll see some stuff of both of us down there. Mod team needs the community opinion so please give Epicmafia a hand in electing its 12th site mod!

Jake431Mar 27, 2019
Hi I am Jake431, and I approve of this message
TartMar 27, 2019
now THIS is cyberbullying.
SteelixMegaMar 27, 2019
none of the above lmfao i would rather have the other jake as mod
you mean me?
sexsymbolMar 27, 2019
This thread reminds me of the old times when Jasprar was admin and when I applied for a mod. And then he found out I should have been banned a few months before for trolling and instead of modding me, I got a one month ban...

Good old times
deletedApr 29, 2019
do not touch my puppy
hotwhipzxMay 2, 2019!
In my opinion, Milton still has alot to learn and is not ready mentally to handle that type of responsibility.

You have my vote jake, simply because you are not Milton
Jake431May 2, 2019
I am Jake431, and i do not approve of that message.
hotwhipzxMay 2, 2019!
Good thing I don't need your approval to support you, you lovable person you
hotwhipzxMay 2, 2019!
removing comment because Jake is genuinely a cool guy.

Looks like moderators locked the comment. But my intention was to remove the comment lol
ZzFifthElementzZMay 2, 2019
deletedMay 2, 2019
Both deserve nothing
GunGunPowerMay 2, 2019
Unexpectedly wholesome outcome
clickflick22May 3, 2019
Milton is a dirty stream, moving slowly and resolutely against an unending onslaught of existential chaos - an onslaught which tries to dam the roaring rivers of Milton's uninterpretable, and inexorable subconscious.
Who should it be? Who do you think will do a better job?