Please stop unbanning Nevermaf

What even is the reason he keeps getting unbanned

Literally soft throws and trolls every other game

MisterPresidentMar 12, 2019
big bump
quasimodoMar 13, 2019
yeah same *unbans nevermaf*
blacksnakemoanMar 13, 2019
because he's not breaking rules lmao
MisterPresidentMar 13, 2019
because he's not breaking rules lmao
That's what you think
ReadyForBreadyMar 13, 2019
JM123Mar 13, 2019
he gets unbanned just to get banned right after and then we all take a shot #drinkinggame
Thanks mods for rebanning him

Now you should never unban him
I feel like there should be a certain amount of times you can be 8 vio banned before it becomes permanent
denial1mon 29d
8 sounds like a good number

hes at 6