host kicks visual bug5

Alyssa14d 9h

weird thing that kinda needs to be looked at

having the role host in a game where it's kicking time, the screen fills with X's to kick. Every time anyone clicks, more x's appear.

I saw this a while ago and again tonight and is worth looking at bc it's really annoying, I believe that this is because people can't kick from games anymore when host is in play? but it covers enough of the screen to be obnoxious

Holy sh*t I'm tired
Gotta start getting to bed earlier
Doesn't help they have me on the closing shift but that's no excuse
Lucky to have the work
shayneismyname13d 23h!
Here's the bug in action.

In another instance, instead of getting too many X's, they just didn't appear.

Please, please fix this.