Forum Mafia T : Bloody Olympics923

Torreador2mon 28d

Hello lads,

The forum mafia IV will be hosted next month, in the meantime I have a fun setup i would like to host.

The game will be different than the forum mafias for two reasons :

  • This is not an informed minority (maf) vs uninformed majority (town) game. This game will pit two teams of 6 people against each other, with 1 president and 5 pr each, with a third party player, for a total of 13.
  • This is an Open Setup, meaning every role in play (except the third party) will be known from the start.

The game will be focused much less on mechanics and more on reads (associative reads, as people don't know their partners, they only know their president), so this game will require participation and posting from all players.

As soon as we reach 13 confirmed players the roles will be sent out and the game will begin on the following day.

Day 1 will last 96 hours, other days will last 72. Nights will be as quick as people input their actions, there is no private chat. Daystart of course.

If you're interested to participate or to sub, please comment below!

Setup info :

Roles and green abilities : Password : doge

Game Log

  • P2 Game Start
  • P31 End D1 (NL) / Start D2
  • P36 End D2 (Veg) / P37 Start D3
  • Endgame


hookmarlMar 6, 2019
Thanks for hosting
MasterCheifMar 6, 2019
ha easy win
groundhogdayMar 6, 2019
This game is not over until tember is dead


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