Not able to play7

mandevian11d 13h

Will someone please help. No mod is helping.

Songin11d 12h!
Temporarily disable all Add-ons and see if that works. It seems like certain add-ons can cause issues on this site based on previous reports of the same issue.

Edit: If this does work, then you can troubleshoot from there to figure out which add-on it is.
mandevian11d 1h
I have no add ons. Or I don't know what add ons are. Are they site specific or chrome specific? Please give an example.
He's banned, no?
mandevian10d 18h
Im able to play on laptop. Problem on phone.
Songin9d 19h
I'm not sure to be honest, I haven't heard of issues on phone that completely remove the ability for games to load. (I thought you were talking about playing on your computer at first)

My thought, knowing that you're on phone, would be that you have a setting which is blocking javascript (or every "script") from loading. Either that or another app is breaking scripts from loading on your phone's browser.

Knowing how to diagnose that specifically for you would be pretty difficult for me, as I'm not skilled at text-based support for phones. My advice would be to check all of your phone's settings and see if anything speaks of blocking scripts, or stopping things from loading on sites. You could also try doing a complete reinstallation of browser you use on your phone.

If you tell me what OS your phone use's, the version it's on, and what browser your phone use's along with the version of the browser app, I can try and look into any potentional solutions as well.
I am going to try on another phone and see. Thanks a lot for digging into the issue songin. There are very few people who go this far to help people. I will keep you updated about my issue. I am currently using android phone and have not updated the phone in years. But I did update chrome. I will see if i face the problem on other phones. Then I can determine whether the issue is with my phone or the website.
Songin7d 18h
It could very easibly be a combination of both. Some bad lines of code that don't work on a specific version of chromium that your phone uses. Could you see if there's another browser on your phone that you could download and try?