leb6mon 20d

leb here once again!

I decided to do a giveaway, i did one of these maybe two years ago. So let's get started. There will be 4 Winners, chosen at random.

RULES: You can only enter up to 3 times. THATS IT.

How to enter: just simply down below, write a comment saying "I'm entering the giveaway" If you wish to enter more than once simply put a number next to your comment.

EXAMPLE: "I'm entering this giveaway, I'm gonna enter 3 times."

If you don't follow the format, i will NOT consider your comment as an entry.

ANYONE can enter, doesn't matter who you are, or where you are from.

GIVEAWAY THINGS: Four people means four giveaway items. 1)Gift Card of winners choosing. 2) EM Tokens 3)Discord Nitro(Paid for three months) 4)EM Tokens but enough to make a three letter alt.

((BOTH Winners and Gifts will be given at complete random. I WILL be using a Random Name Generator.)) ((Possibly will do it live so no one thinks i'm being biased))

KawaiiFeb 7, 2019!
what happened to my post? O_o
(posted x3 entry on Kerry)
lebFeb 7, 2019
OK THANKS FOR EVERYONE THAT ENTERED. I WILL BE announcing who won on Saturday around 10EST. love u all, best of luck! side note: if ur cool and wanna be my friend on em that would be cool 2
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