Dead by Daylight46

Possess2mon 17d

I bought it a few days ago someone come carry me


mindful1mon 16d
I wonder if that new generator perk will be the new hex ruin. But yeah I love how the new killer looks and the flail looks sick

Since I suppose they're adding those fountains to every map, I hope they'll have fitting aesthetics for each map like how the hooks are
With the new fountains, those will only spawn in games with the plague, similar to the pig with the trap removing things.
Possess1mon 16d
Yeah, but the pig is from a licensed DLC and hence she doesn't have any customized items. That's why I'm wondering if the fountains will be different.
I see.

To all, the PC PTB is out, try it out now by downloading the PTB. The plague, Jane, The really confusing map, the dwight buff, and everything else that comes with this, including the DS nerf, wake up buff, survivor buff, and more!
mindful1mon 14d
i'm about to play so let me know if you wanna play
Legion is getting nerfed through the ground, finally.