my rank is wrong7

metsnfins6mon 24d

i posted this in bugs, but not sure it's a bug so i should post here

Good evening,

People get upset when they play with me and see my rank. I have a score of 91,699 with 1432 wins and 1364 losses yet my rank shows as -5474. I was banned at one time for hc and i feel like a mod or someone messed with my rank.

It doesn't really matter to me but it gets super annoying when people say "omg your rank you must be a troll or a gamethrower" when I am neither.

In comparison, my alt (metsnfinsalt) has a score of 11573 with 182 wins and 174 losses with a rank of 1100. positive 1100 compared to a -5474 on my main.

Can anything be done? even reset it to zero and I work from there?

deletedJan 31, 2019
get gud
ChinatsuFeb 1, 2019
Hmm why did you make two threads - Anyway, like I said in the other one we don't have the powers etc to reset it.
deletedFeb 2, 2019
i believe the ranking system is broken but i’m not sure

regardless mods can’t touch stats or ranks at all
blacksnakemoanFeb 3, 2019
Show hidden postthey're lying metsnfins, i was a mod last year and changed my rank to 10k. there's a little box you just type in the correct rank and click "reset"
metsnfinsFeb 3, 2019
i mean it's impossible for me to have this rank someone with it for sure at least at some time
blacksnakemoanFeb 4, 2019
you're right, yours should be around 1514 not 1014, i think someone has edited it
metsnfinsFeb 8, 2019
someoine definitely edited it