My rank is wrong1

metsnfins18d 12h

Good evening,

People get upset when they play with me and see my rank. I have a score of 91,699 with 1432 wins and 1364 losses yet my rank shows as -5474. I was banned at one time for hc and i feel like a mod or someone messed with my rank.

It doesn't really matter to me but it gets super annoying when people say "omg your rank you must be a troll or a gamethrower" when I am neither.

In comparison, my alt (metsnfinsalt) has a score of 11573 with 182 wins and 174 losses with a rank of 1100. positive 1100 compared to a -5474 on my main.

Can anything be done? even reset it to zero and I work from there?

Possess17d 12h
Sorry buddy, we don't have the tools to reset ranks, etc.