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An Original Epic Mafia ballad retold over the years again and again by yours truly, MafiaGod. Feel free to sing this song slightly to the tune of "Into The Woods", while you are are bored awaiting for games to fill. And as always, f the mods - MG.

January 28th 2019

Verse 1 - Crushed Crickets


crunchy crickets

stepping on crunchy crickets

flat and next day also toasty crickets

cause the side walk and sun are hot the next day

and it makes those flattened crickets toasty

and they get their crunchy crunch back

stomping on extra crunchy crickets

crunchy crickets

Verse 2 - Freaky Crickets


cherping crickets

having cherpy sex in the grass

sexy fat and lazy crickets in the grass

cause they eat all that grass and get their cherp on

and it makes fattened crickets lazy

and they lose their cherp for the next day

non-cherping crickets

Verse 3 - Delectable Crickets


tasty crickets

raging crickets spitting acid

angry raging crickets when you catch them

spitting at a hungry Asian kid's squinty eye balls

and he chomps their heads clean off

and he sings nom nom nom

yummy crickets

The End - Thank God right?

and that is the story

of the yummy tastey angry raging horny sexual cherpy toasty and crunchy crickets

that lived in my back yard

crickets .

MafiaGodJan 28, 2019
and done
SteelixMegaJan 28, 2019
self delete
MafiaGodJan 28, 2019
MafiaGodJan 28, 2019
Apparently, I am a loser.
MafiaGodJan 29, 2019
Crickets are going to lose the hurt and heal.
MafiaGodFeb 28, 2019
shayneismynameFeb 28, 2019!
shayneismynameFeb 28, 2019
um can you explain this
LesbianPirateFeb 28, 2019
this went underappreciated i loved this
ChinatsuFeb 28, 2019
Really tempted to click that and pretend I didn't see it coming


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PETA for Crickets

Save the crickets in MG's backyard. Help make the maddness end! If you feel that your love for Crickets has been violated in the making of this ballad please call 757-622-7382 to file a report.
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