Long Game II505

Shwartz9918mon 24d

The Original Long Game: https://epicmafia.com/topic/81697

❝it isn't about the short game anymore❞


Welcome to the beginning of a new era in Sandbox history! Post below to indicate that you would like to be included in the longest combination of settings for hurt and heals. I'll start when all of the slots are filled.

quasimodo1mon 29d
the alts should check out my website: ͏p͏e͏n͏i͏senlargementpillsofquasimodoscreation.org
dooze1mon 27d
i was killed by an alt that's strangely metaphoric
quasimodo1mon 27d
if jacobkrin wins.................................. we abolish long games.
aquarius1mon 27d!
banana is a main lobby player, not an alt

rip dooze tho
dooze1mon 26d
they hurt me with their alt right before it <3
ogwam1mon 26d
bannana and squirer have constantly done their actions right after the other and looking thru their game history they've never played a game together so i'd say they're alts ya!
SupBros1mon 24d
And then there were three
aquarius1mon 24d
SupBros1mon 18d
Long Game III signups when
aquarius1mon 18d
wtf i died
dooze1mon 18d
dooze1mon 18d
maybe ill host long game III............
PissProblems1mon 17d
long game 3 sign ups when
dooze1mon 17d
aquarius1mon 16d
jacob has one left... rip
galaxies1mon 16d
now he has 2
space1mon 16d
f for jacob

yay for luis <3
quasimodo1mon 16d
so proud of luis4rod
Shwartz991mon 16d
congrats luis!


Game over!
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