HoldenRye Life Update12

Hey Epicmafia! It's me Holden. So as you all know, I am banned until Feburary 11th, 2019. Today I was doing my morning sandbox runs, and got kicked from ma game 17 times! Everytime I was kicked, I logged into one of my other 17 accounts. After messing around, I realised the moderators had banned every single one of my 18 accounts from Main except this one.

I am making this post to declare my innocence and so the moderators don't extend my ban.

I am loving life right now as the Bisexual Badboy Billionaire.

<3 I miss you all and hope to be able to get my trophy from running that was robbed from me 1 year ago soon :D


SinBJan 17, 2019
see you in 25 days
BecomeclearJan 17, 2019
you are a cruel man
deletedJan 17, 2019
i have a billion dollars

in student loans
TorreadorJan 18, 2019
i'm hyped
SteelixMegaJan 18, 2019
please no more updates
ZhuorbJan 19, 2019
keep us posted
KittyBunnyBoiXXXJan 20, 2019
how do they know they r all ur accounts? y not just get a new ip adress
JM123Jan 24, 2019
I used to doubt you were a billionaire until we talked on instagram
TayTayTodayJan 24, 2019
is this the dude that SinB said I am LMAO
SteelixMegaJan 24, 2019
You are Holden
VindraJan 25, 2019
I used to doubt you were a billionaire until we talked on instagram
Wild, isn't it?
D3xTr0m3th0rph4nJan 25, 2019
Send me money and ill let u bypass on my account
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