CSS Editing for profile pages7

deleted7mon 10d

Is there a way we can implement CSS editing (Using inspect element, to change the code for your own personal page) for profile pages, I think it would allow for much more creativity in terms of profiles

shintJan 17, 2019
nope unfortunately. if you want something fancy you're gonna need to make it an image then chop it up
Shwartz99Jan 17, 2019
yeah like neopets
deletedJan 17, 2019
Its not hard to do CSS coding tho and It can be implemented directly into the profile using dropbox
shintJan 18, 2019
lucid can't even make markdown function properly how's he gonna add css
cuteJan 18, 2019
let me code my profile like a tumbler blog
LinkerJan 18, 2019
Lucid tried to implement some codes for mail editting. The next day, XSS everywhere, lots of accounts lost. I wouldn't put my trust in him, especially since he can't mess with the DNS anymore to make it a bunch of subdomains like tumblr did for some sense of security.
illuminatiJan 18, 2019
Huge nerds ITT

Allow CSS profile editing

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