get 10 of DreamsX's losses removed11

DreamsX5mon 8d

petition to do the above. he needs this. his dignity has been shattered.

SinBJan 10, 2019
i support this
sexsymbolJan 10, 2019
add another 10 losses instead
deletedJan 10, 2019
Just take the ten losses and give them to me. I need those losses. I don't want my pie to be over 20%
DreamsXJan 11, 2019
thank u friends for signing this petition
with 5 signatures on this petition, em mods are now obligated to remove 1 of my losses (by law)


is by no means a bump
PonyLoveJan 11, 2019
why only 10?
DreamsXJan 11, 2019
thats how many games ive been in where my soul has been crushed
mitraJan 11, 2019
every epicmafia game i play crushes my soul
DreamsXJan 11, 2019
omgee im sorry mitra
DreamsXJan 12, 2019
we only need 1 more signature for mods to be obligated to remove another one of my losses, come on friends, we can do it!
blacksnakemoanJan 12, 2019
DreamsXJan 12, 2019
thank u very mUch!

yes please

remove 10 of dreamsss losses
10 signed