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Thread sniping mutie:

pick the number of users you're ready to drag and comment it below (1-5) and I'll pm you that amount of usernames. the one thing I ask is that you write your honest opinion down below. brutally. (Possess: I think mainbox brutality levels are too high so try to keep it civil you animals)

I'll try to pm usernames of people you know but if i send anyone unfamiliar just shoot a pm back saying who and i'll give you a new name

don't worry everything will be completely anonymous.

Possess: If you don't trust me to keep things anonymous feel free to scramble up the order or just do completely different names

EDIT: *Feel free to repost and ask for more names

1 name PLOX
gum6h 46m!

1. You're the funniest, most caring, and just most-perfect person I have ever had the pleasure of having in my life. I'm lucky to have you, and I can't wait to see what our future has in store for us. I love you so much. Thanks for making my life genuinely filled with happiness.

2. I harbor no ill-feelings towards you, and I wish you the best on your endeavors. I know, however, that you're just a horrible and toxic person. I wish everyone in your life the best, because they're going to need it.

3. I barely know you as of right now, but you're absolutely the cutest. I enjoy playing with you, and I hope to see you around more often.

4. I honestly just don't know you, but you seem like a genuinely nice person.

5. You may not remember how you helped me about a year ago when some terrible things were going on, but I appreciate everything you did for me. You're so nice and I'm beyond happy for you and how you're doing.
Thundurus6h 43m!
Cheers 10/20

X - I used to have a lot more respect for this individual, but ever since he joined the mod team I think hes less independent and more just another cliquey follower. I think hes a nice person and I had more hopes for him on the mod team.

X - Honestly, I lost a lot of respect for this person over the past few months. I really cant say he does anything on this site and he didnt stick up for his friend when he shouldve. Completely lame!

X - Tries to hard to act cool. It comes across as really fake to me, I dont know them that well so I will abstain judgement.

X- RIP , Ill cherish speaking to you about Italy and life I hope you are doing amazing. You were a great presence on this site, Ill keep your alternate account in my mind and wont tell the others

X - You are amazing at texas holdem, I miss playing with you and ashley (we still talk on skype) I hope your doing good m8

X - You deserved better then what happened to you. I think you made a poor choice in how you chose to move on, but I also know you are going to be really successful in your future as a doctor.

X - Honestly, too needy. Just talk about your emotional problems somewhere else

X - Douchebag, just because you think something doesnt mean that everyone has to follow you. Don't use your position to demean other people.

X - Literally the most annoying person on this site.

X - ilysm I hope everything is going good. if you are ever in minnesota we are going on an acid trip together.

X - Honestly when I met this individual I thought they were really cool and smart and kind, but in actuality they are just conceited, stuck up and cliquey. Shame on you!
BSelser4h 34m
hello, can u give me 3 names? thanks
peach4h 9m
oh nut. 3 names plz.
leb3h 47m
20) havent really talked to u, ur a newish mod, ur p cool, would b cool to talk to u one day
21) hmph, same as above
23)already did one on u, ily, thanks for being my bff
24) hi u seem nice, lets talk sometime, pls guide me in modding thx
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Purge all thread snipers

All thread snipers should die tbh
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