Beto Vs Bernie11

So I hear that in the democratic party war is breaking out between the Bernie bros, and the Beto fan-girls.

Who should win and why?

VanityPrimeJan 6, 2019
Can't tell if serious or not, I'll bite.

I'm a Libertarian, however progressive minded folks probably would better align with Bernie Sanders than Beto O'Rourke. His votes while state legislature would be concerning for those who champion issues like Universal Healthcare, Money in Politics ect...

A Progressive Source for those who are "progressive" minded:

Who will probably win? Neither most likely. The democratic machine will probably ramrod Kamala Harris to a Trump victory in 2020 like they did with Hillary Clinton in 2016 because the corporate machine of the dems just want stability like they had under Barrack Obama.

Also, Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer.
shayneismynameJan 6, 2019
^ All of this.
I heard they got rid of the super-delegates thou. How will they ramrod Kamala without that?
VanityPrimeJan 6, 2019
The advantage that Hillary Clinton had was co-ordination with the DNC at the disadvantage of Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton also had the advantage of a media establishment that basically acts as the right hand of the dem donor machine. The advantage of having easy money, support of the media, and co-ordination of the DNC is paramount to winning early when name recognition is the primary stumbling block to actually getting votes.

Bernie Sanders managed to raise a substantial amount of money from small donations in order to compete with the monolithic amount of support Hillary Clinton received from all of these various sources. The dem machine is primarily trying to reconstruct Barrack Obama to run mechanically, which is why Kamala Harris will be the nominee, despite polling data illustrating the contrary.

Also, The only reason Donald Trump was allowed to move through the republican machine was due to the GOP restructuring delegates after Ron Paul in 2012 nearly stole the election from unfaithful delegates from Mitt Romney. This shot themselves in the foot because they had no recourse to cheating Donald Trump from the Republican nomination.

Also, Ted Cruz's Father assisted in the assassination of John F Kennedy, and that makes Ted Cruz the son of a regicidal usurper, who probably was financed by Fidel Castro.
Source on the Cruz's father thing?
Also even if he did it's not Cruz's fault.
Anyway my prediction is Beto becomes the Dem's nominee. Which I find very disheartening, I wanted to see a Bernie nom because that would be very funny.
VanityPrimeJan 6, 2019

Donald J Trump: "His father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald's being — you know, shot. I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous. I mean, what was he doing — what was he doing with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the death? Before the shooting?"

In August 1963, Oswald was working on behalf on a pro-Castro group Fair Play for Cuba Committee in New Orleans, where Rafael Cruz, A.K.A Ted Cruz's daddy also worked with, this group had direct financial ties with Fidel Castro A.K.A Papa Commie of Cuba.

A child born in regicide is not fit for leadership, He's also not even a natural born citizen of this country and probably has socialist/communist leanings like his dad, and probably developed a taste for blood early on which is why those 7 people went missing in December 1968 and their bodies and the killer were never discovered.

*This is a joke, please don't take this seriously*
JFK Jr. aka Q is gonna run for the democrats he isn't dead and he is flipping on Trump
illuminatiJan 7, 2019
Also, Ted Cruz's Father assisted in the assassination of John F Kennedy, and that makes Ted Cruz the son of a regicidal usurper, who probably was financed by Fidel Castro.
hikageJan 7, 2019
ted cruz's father is the zodiac killer comfirmed
Who should get the democratic nom nom