[POLL] SinB's name is...18

cooperation1mon 12d

Is SinB's name four letters or one number (from sin(b), that is a number between 0 and 1).

Please vote in this very important topic.

SinB1mon 12d
tanb > sinb
Shwartz991mon 12d
isnt sin(B) = b/c in a right triangle
JM1231mon 12d
mazbi1mon 12d
it's clearly in a quantum state of flux and therefore is simultaneously both four letters and one number, and neither.
mazbi1mon 12d
pls add third option to poll
leb1mon 12d
mazbi1mon 12d
tanb > sinb
I'm glad cosB is in prison
Shoopie1mon 12d
Vote to make this the next site poll :P
sinb is my gf
Alyssa1mon 12d
sinb is my gf
Songin1mon 12d
sinb is my gf
Vindra1mon 12d
sinb is my gf
Memoji1mon 12d
I dumped SinB for the better Sin.
that is the most imbecilic thread i have ever read
LioneI1mon 12d
Same. We all know it is a single number, representing the sine of whatever a constant known as B represents.
SinB1mon 12d
if you’re wondering, the b stands for beyoncé
Alyssa1mon 12d
Abraar1mon 12d
alyssa > sinB
SinB's name is