my dog died yesterday9

YunMafia4d 16h

jk i don't own a dog but can y'all check out sacramento based experimental hip hop group death grips

(contains some nsfw images, browse at own risk)

YunMafia4d 16h
wow cool man i love music
YunMafia4d 16h
wow cool man i love music
np :)
masc4d 16h
delete ur blog
YunMafia4d 16h
delete ur blog
i love you
nicoleyrenaa4d 16h
let's change this thread and instead talk about how great dogs are. my boyfriend has a black russian terrier named iggy and he's the best thing in the world
JM1234d 14h
a whole new level of shameless self promotion

btw i have a new post
YunMafia3d 18h
Self promotion? I wish
matt3d 8h
Worst clickbait, go f*ck yourself.
Jeff2d 5h
thought this was a datguiser thread