Guess Who? - Roles181

GameThroweador2mon 16d

Hey lads

New game here, it's gonna be a quick game

I'm thinking about an epicmafia role, your goal is to guess which role i'm thinking of.

You can do one of the following

1) Ask me a closed question (can only be answered by yes/no) and i will answer it. You cannot ask questions that allow you to know whether it's a town/maf/3p role, because that would be too easy.

2) Try to guess the role. If you do, congrats you win and you can host the following turn. If you aren't, i'm muting you until the end of the round. (so people don't just THROW random guesses around)

So...let's go! I'm thinking of a role. Your turn!

is it ninja?
Did I actually get it?