Featured Setup Suggestions42

Ally9d 9h

Hello everyone,

In the lobby at all times, there are 2 setups pinned to the lobby that have x2 point payout (for red hearts). One of these setups are decided by the 4th place round finisher, and are changed out every round. The other one is going to be decided by community suggestions!

The 2nd setup will be changed over every Sunday evening, beginning tomorrow. This thread is to suggest setups in. They can be old setups, new setups, setups played a thousand times, setups played 0 times. Suggest whatever you want, and please make sure to upvote the ones that you like! Every Sunday, a suggestion will be picked from this thread. Feel free to repost or re-affirm your desire for a specific setup to be featured every week. The only rule is that once a setup is chosen, it won't be able to be chosen for the next 4 weeks.

This system requires community participation, so please please please suggest setups below!! Thanks! Meme or pointfarm suggestions will be deleted.

SinB1d 6h
wow we did it guys!
I agree that this setup should be comped