nanny state censorship fiasco9

Hey infant mods, I understand people say mean booboo words and you want to put a piece of duct-tape over their mouthes and throttle them till they conform into mindless disneybots. But can we have a toggle for this crap in custom lobbies so I can play games with my pals and not worry about your utter nonsense? thanks.

blood4bloodgodNov 13, 2018
Please clap
blood4bloodgodNov 15, 2018
I demand satisfaction.
blood4bloodgodNov 15, 2018
Starting tomorrow and every day hence forth, I will be posting a paragraph from the entirety of Quan Mills' seminal work, "Gutter Hoe Dreams: episode 3 - THE FINALE."

Here is a little teaser to whet your palette;

With Tasia and Gemini on their way back to Chicago, and Tre onto their moves, it's time to make live or die plans. Darnisha arrested, tries to figure out her next moves. However, once Tasia and Gemini make their way back into Chicago, Tasia finds out about Tahmir's unfortunate fate. How will she take the news?

Why am I doing this you might wonder? Because when Mr Mills discovers the entirety of his proprietary masterpiece on he will have no choice but to sue the mods and lucid into the dirt over noncommercial infringement. That's right bucko's! Ol' blood has got you by the proverbial chestnuts now!
SolucionesNov 16, 2018
deletedNov 16, 2018
i support u b4bg
blood4bloodgodNov 19, 2018!
Change of plans folks; we're going with Quan Millz' "This Hoe got roaches in her crib."

Little teaser to whet your appetite:

Austin Watkins, 35 and a single father, finds himself in a precarious situation. Currently locked up in Chicago's Cook County Jail, he knows that Fredquisha, the trifling mother of his only daughter, is a despicable, careless and reckless THOT who is the antithesis of caring, loving black motherhood.

Click that mu'fukn' like button or you are a racist, sir!
YHWHDec 5, 2018
If you want to say the "S" word, use my custom emote:

SonginDec 6, 2018
Or just don't get filtered
shayneismynameDec 15, 2018
Or just don't get filtered
By this, do you mean "just don't say the word?"

You don't think it's unreasonable to ask to make the filter tolgleable instead of having to use underscores or spaces?

I don't think any innocense will be lost in Main lobby is Sandbox lobby is allowed to say d_ick cheney.