Congrats PJM!63

Gulag2mon 21d

Congratulations to projectmatt for winning the silver trophy!

Here is a screenshot of the chart that appears when you click on his row on the list of competitors:


Here is the image I was trying to post in my comment on page 1. Flygon is Greninja by the way. He is also the moderator "Magician". Ally and projectmatt are ex-moderators.

For reference, trophy winners usually have ~10 games with the player they happened to play with the most.

SolucionesNov 16, 2018
we should kill them
UniversalStudiosNov 16, 2018
they need to get banned for justice
You shouldn't ban people for playing with friends unless you can prove a bias that's not even needed with how easy the setup they were farming is.

There's no point in even pretending there's any integrity to trophy running. A mod did this to win a trophy. That same mod once modded with an admin that allowed this to happen while also creating rules like the "getting a vio disqualifies you from the round" nonsense to help said running mods secure more trophies.
GulagNov 17, 2018
literally gets called a cheater and gets a vio for that when playing with a friend even tho we didn't cheat, these people are friends and do the same. No vio. yea whatever
That sucks dude. But you should realise, the mods need some incentive to continue handling reports, otherwise they would stop doing it