How to Crack the Code4

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This is based off of the game Mastermind.

There are 4 pegholes and 8 colors, where you make a combo with them. You are not limited to using a color once. This is your "code". The goal is to be faster to guess your opponent's code than have them guess your own.

Now, when it comes to guessing them, you can make up a code to guess what it is. After that, it gives you red or gray icons.

Red means that there is one that is in the right place.

Gray means that there is a color that is up there, but in the wrong place.

Keep in mind that these red or gray icons do not say which ones belong up there and which don't. It is up to you to use strategy and figure it out.

You win once you find the opponent's combo with 4 red icons.

It might be confusing because you are able to use multiple of a color as a code and as a guess, so let me explain it:

Say my code is red yellow orange green. You guess yellow red yellow green. The result would be 1 red, 2 gray, because you guessed Green's spot right, but not red or yellow.

Say my code is orange purple brown white, and you guess orange red yellow orange. You guessed orange twice and one was in the right spot, so it would be red, and not show the gray for the other orange guess.

Say my code is black black black purple, and you guess brown green black red. You would only get a red icon because the black guess was in the right spot for that one icon. It would not give it a gray because the guess you made was in the right spot and it doesn't refer to other inputs. So the result of that guess would be one red icon because only black3 is right, and all the other guesses weren't on there.

Now say I have another combo where I have purple purple red orange, and you guess green purple brown purple. You would get 1 red and 1 gray because one of your purple guesses was right and the other was in the wrong spot.

Any questions?

SteelixMegaSep 30, 2018
Btw, the colors allowed are:








Shwartz99Sep 30, 2018
uhhh maybe add some pictures cause its hard to visualize this (maybe im just dumb)
SteelixMegaOct 17, 2018
I should send in pics of me winning three times in a row with only 2 moves.
SteelixMegaOct 17, 2018
Also, I forgot. The scenario where you have two of something, that isn't allowed. You need to have 4 unique colors as your code.