is epicmafia a dating site?20

neet28mon 5d


sl0ndermanSep 25, 2018
how come youre EM single then
neetSep 25, 2018
because my em crush ignores me every day. next question
NegraSep 25, 2018
Epicmafia is for people too degenerate to use Grindr
AlyssaSep 25, 2018
literally a relationship option for ur profile

ofc it is
FuransuSep 26, 2018
YHWHSep 26, 2018
if em isnt a dating site that explains why im still em single 7 years later
groshuSep 26, 2018
i fked negra twice
ookamiSep 26, 2018
Lover and Bride exist, so, yea, probably
neetSep 26, 2018!
jamal marley is a f*cking idiot. look at this clown.
neetSep 26, 2018
accidentally told my friend that em is a dating site and she joined now, if theres any single women out here looking for a cute ginger hmu. serious inquiries only
baabaaSep 27, 2018
i met my future ex husband on
SirAmelioSep 27, 2018
if you havent at least flirted with an epicmafia user before you are using the site wrong
LeChuckSep 27, 2018
bibtySep 28, 2018
yes it is if you’re desperate enough
neetNov 8, 2020
well lads it would seem as if epicmafia is indeed a dating site
jacobkrinNov 8, 2020
yeah it's not a mafia simulator
aquariusNov 8, 2020
Epicmafia is a dating site

Source: marrying an epicmafian
AlyssaNov 8, 2020
Congrats! Want me to bring tokens to your wedding? ❤️
himaNov 8, 2020!
one time me and em user oprah made a setup with one blue, one doc to save them, and one maf to hit them/to officiate so that we could get epicmafia married because thats a thing u have to do to be able to show up as married, apparently

(i believe the maf in question was luis4rod)
coolkidrox123Nov 8, 2020
if we cant escape we might as well settle down here for real
is it??????????????????????????????????????????????????