let me draw you218

LesbianPirate7mon 19d

hello it is me lesbian pirate

i would like to draw your avi for you

but you must pay me in compliments (example: you look very healthy and good)

if you say something mean i wont be happy. not at all

LesbianPirateSep 7, 2018
Can you draw me too? I really like your avi art <3

hi you have one of those broken icon thingies which i thought was really cool thank you for appreciating my art
deletedSep 7, 2018
Lesbian Pirate,

I honestly don't think you can draw this superlative person Stivyen's avi cuz he is the best even though you are the best drawer in the world.

You can catch up to me to be the second best person in the world, while you draw my avatar.

Thank you!
cooperationOct 24, 2018
hey you're awesome!! please draw mine :)
SirVladSonOct 24, 2018
HD40307Oct 25, 2018
Draw me
I’m complimenting you for having good art skillz
mukiOct 25, 2018
ME PLS ur my wife that's the best compliment anyone's given me idk if i can match that but you're the best food critic the world has ever seen #GordonxYuno
PossessOct 25, 2018
Me me me
winkOct 25, 2018
yes please if ur still doing these

tannyboiOct 25, 2018
thats some BOB level !
awesome drawing
arachnidOct 25, 2018
You seem like you have very good bone health and vitamin d levels ^_^
LesbianPirateJan 5, 2019
hello it's me again i will be starting this back up and will begin on page 10
LesbianPirateJan 5, 2019
itt shamu tries to steal the thunder of em's prolific flavor of the week artist
I just wanted to see someone attempt to draw my thing.

No thunder stealing for me.

hello shamu i could never steal your thunder as your art skills shine brighter than all other. i can only attempt to recreate your masterpiece
LesbianPirateJan 5, 2019
wow nice drawings lesbian pirate

hello pacifist how are you thats great im glad to hear that you are doing well. drawing your avatar was fun and a pleasure
LesbianPirateJan 5, 2019
omg lesbian can u please do me. Here are some compliments as per your request

Wow lesbianpirate, u are the best pirate i have ever seen? Miss me on the Captain Jack Sparrow , lesbianpirate is the only hero that can captain MY SHIP. Did i mention how good the fashion sense is? Lesbianpirate started wearing crocs before they were cool, all the haters just try to cramp her style.

hello benny you are so hot and funny and your compliment made me very happy. jack sparrow is a fraud and i am glad to see you vehemently putting him down
LesbianPirateJan 5, 2019
is it too late to request myself

rats...we're rats... we're the rats. we pray at night, we stalk at night, we're the rats!
KayByeJan 5, 2019
ooooo do me
VivianJan 5, 2019
Mee please
be nice

come here

give me a kiss
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