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i will now be posting in this thread on a daily basis of music tracks that i like which also are from video games

FlygonMay 30, 2020
one of these days i'll play SMT I and II and become a real gamer
FlygonMay 31, 2020
deletedMay 31, 2020
Oh my god its Takeuchi. Brilliant singer
FlygonJun 1, 2020
FlygonJun 2, 2020
FlygonJun 3, 2020
FlygonJun 4, 2020
deletedJun 4, 2020!

Who are your fave charas Fly?
FlygonJun 4, 2020
let me see if i still have my old character sorter results
FlygonJun 4, 2020

i doubt much of this would change in the like 2 or 3 years it's been since i did this. maybe kibo would be lower. either way.
deletedJun 4, 2020
I need to do my tier list.

You actually liked Saihara kun?


Also uh sorry but is this the place to chat about this stuff or is there a separate thread?
FlygonJun 4, 2020
no it's fine might as well be this thread because if we made another one it'd just be us and the odd post from some random

anyway shuichi rules for multiple reasons but i think primarily because i can relate a lot to him. his character growth is phenomenal and it comes to a peak in the sixth trial. do we even have spoiler tags on this site? i don't think so. i'd say more but yeah. it also helps that he has a lot of avoidant traits and as someone w/avpd i project onto that. the joke i always make is that if i played DRV3 as a like 14 year old i'd probably have kinned shuichi.
FlygonJun 4, 2020
also if it isn't immediately obvious from that character ranker, V3 is the only DR game i really care about. i think DR1 is like a 3.0/5.0 that i only really like because of its OST and find its mysteries to be either mildly interesting at best or just poorly written at worst. i legitimately hate SDR2 for multiple reasons that i probably won't post on here, but the one i will is that like half of the trials are just outright awful because of bad writing
deletedJun 4, 2020!
I felt like Kodaka made a lot of the characters look really stupid at times.

But Saihara is pretty cool for those reasons.

I thought about Saimatsu ship

My personal favorite is Kirigiri San cause it seems like she kind of figured out all the cases way before the start of the trials. It's just that Naegi kun has to do all the work cause he's the protag. Seems really weird why Kodaka did that . Like it's almost like she should have been the protag but apparently she's too unemotional and not an Everyman archetype. She's not a dude so you can't do the dating sim
deletedJun 4, 2020
Oh cool I found a person who finds flaws like me lmfao.
FlygonJun 4, 2020
saioma is so 2008. saimatsu is so 2000 and late.

you're probably going to dislike me saying this but i think kirigiri is the least interesting of the main three in dr1. i feel like she's explicitly written to never be wrong and always be the plot fairy. i also just really hate her exchange w/byakuya in that one chapter that's like "people aren't stock market exchanges" because it's like so clumsily set up and delivered

also she kind of like never grows or changes and her conflict w/makoto is forced
FlygonJun 4, 2020
i'm just a nitpicky annoying butthole who likes to have contrarian, hipster opinions
deletedJun 4, 2020!
Yeah that's exactly what I meant when I said Kodaka wrote this while he was high.

Kirigiri seems too perfect. But that's why I love her lol. Also her color scheme. Lavender (or whatever form of purple it is) absolutely beautiful

Togami was absolutely brilliant foil character who was actually better than the protag. If I remember correctly he's ranked number 1 in Japan

Naegi is shit tier to me and both he and Kirigiri took a huge hit because Kodaka wrote them to be together weirdly
FlygonJun 4, 2020
i like byakuya for no valid reason. he's kind of just antagonistic for the sake of the game having an antagonist when it needs one. then again i like all the trial ruiners the most out of each of their cast, even sou from your turn to die (flash game that was made in the vein of danganronpa meets zero escape)

i didn't like naegi at first, but a replay + reflecting on his role made me realize he's a good vehicle for the audience + has genuine moments of levity that help the plot. i still maintain that the final non-stop debate of 1-6 is one of the strongest points in the entire series and would not work if naegi hadn't been well-established

also naegiri never worked at all as a ship to me. then again the only DR ships i even care about are saioma or chabameno
FlygonJun 5, 2020


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