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Flygon6mon 20d

i will now be posting in this thread on a daily basis of music tracks that i like which also are from video games

AwnyyAug 30, 2018
And this
pedroAug 30, 2018
FlygonAug 30, 2018
@flygon Vengeance
Flygon11d 2h

Flygon11d 2h

i was actually humming this on the way home today
Flygon11d 2h

this > the almighty
Flygon11d 2h
Flygon11d 2h

several months ago i said i was going to post this but i wasn't sure the site was ready for me to do so. you still aren't. but this song is the best PS1 FF track. maybe just PS1 track in general.
Flygon11d 2h
anyways danganronpa time

Flygon11d 2h

it took so much actual restraint to make and update this thread but not post DR tracks because i wanted to at least give a passing attempted at not being immediately obvious on my alt
Flygon11d 2h

anyways this is the best dr track in the series and you can't change my mind (although you are allowed to disagree)
Flygon11d 2h!
consider this your formal "smash ultimate spoiler post" warning

the fact that this theme is in the game has unironically made me want the game more than every character reveal combined
Ally10d 10h
fkn loser
Flygon10d 29m
fkn loser
epic... simply f*cking epic....
matt10d 26m


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