Smash 571

Who do you guys think will be new/adjusted

luis4rod4d 16h
are you guys getting the physical or digital copy
I have the digital already downloaded and ready
Even the D1 patch is done. Just waiting for 12 AM 12/7 EST
Alyssa4d 16h
gonna go out and buy it tomorrow!! excited
It's downloaded and ready in 3 hours 46 minutes

I think the aussies already have it tho
3 more hourssssssssssssssssss
I'm a really casual player so tell me if I'm wrong.

I feel like a lot more fighting is going to take place in the air, and I feel like there are more options for aerial maneuverability thanks to directional air dodges. Not to mention it got easier to Neutral A hop ;)
Alyssa4d 6h
Torreador3d 22h
I played it quite a bit this morning, seems to be more responsive than before, especially slow characters like zelda. Like it a lot so far.

PvE is actually harder than previous games, the AI is more vicious and doesnt just parry everything you do. Some world of light 3 star spirit battle were really tough. Testing PvP this afternoon
This game is fking incredible