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blood4bloodgod20mon 15d

discuss the merits of this game for my amusement.

BecomeclearAug 30, 2019
drink vodka
play dotka
honeySep 7, 2019
Didnt play for a year, now I lose every single game literally 10+ games in a row =β€˜(
BecomeclearSep 8, 2019
whats ur rank
honeySep 8, 2019
a year ago I hit legend 0 but now i’ve only been playing turbo and cant even win at that
BecomeclearSep 8, 2019
play techies
xelaSep 12, 2019
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BecomeclearSep 13, 2019
how do i delete someone else comment
SpookySep 13, 2019

( get it??? I am so funny )
bewilderedSep 13, 2019
a year ago I hit legend 0 but now i’ve only been playing turbo and cant even win at that
think you need to play a solo carry hero that can 1 v 5 because regardless, the game gets to the point where literally everyone gets atleast 5 slotted.
honey1mon 21d
I feel like most carry heroes are so counter-able and situational, I’m pretty good at viper who I feel is one of the most versatile quick scaling carry hero but not strong enough to solo carry a lacking team still

I used to like bristle back and how he could be pretty unkillable in the right line ups but I think hes out of meta now I never see anyone play him

Wish i was a drow god but i suck @ her
Becomeclear1mon 20d
Jans1mon 18d
Looking for someone to play with. Normal matches in SEA server.
Becomeclear1mon 17d
sh!t I calibrated into archon 5
Maate28d 20h
Becomeclear27d 11h

i did it

this is some funny music in between games
xtal22d 21h
the game of kings