Blue Always Appears10

Travis30mon 28d

In Closed Setups, if regular blue is in the setup, it seems to have a 100% chance of appearing, as seen in the image below.

jpugJan 25, 2018
TravisFeb 16, 2018
i'm just gonna bump this because why not
TravisMar 30, 2018
my image broke yay!
TravisJul 19, 2018
i fixed the img good job me.

also bug still exists and it's crippling because i like having blue in setups ;-;
Shwartz99Jul 25, 2018
um why tf do you like having blue in your setups
TravisJul 29, 2018
um why tf do you like having blue in your setups
good question tbh
HibikiJul 30, 2018
it's by design. terribly implemented design but design none-the-less

the current variation of closed roles was a happy accident
CirnoAug 8, 2018
who the hell puts blue in a closed game?
Bug's even worse with non-unique closed roles - you tend to get 3-4 literal villagers out of 7 while the other roles are evenly dispersed.

(here to bump old bug reports)
I think closed setups were meant to play where part of the town are mere villagers such as Main Lobby setups look.