Anyone here fux wit Migos?

R u liking their new shiiit? Opinions on Culture, Without Warning, Huncho Jack.. And Culture 2 (so far)

I hear Culture 2 drops next month

Culture 2: First of all I'll start with the album cover. Its shows Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset under roses/doves dressed in all black. I think this is fitting because if you go into this album expecting to hear some Back to the Bando, dabbin street shiit Migo Style...this album isn't for you. This album is made on mainstream appeal, this is music not just street shiiit., and builds off Culture 1. Sadly, it shares the same issues I have with the first Culture. A lack of clear direction appears apparent to me, it seems as if the album is infighting between hard beats and slow melodies. That being said, I feel like if this was a 12-15 track album..It would most certainly be a 10/10 album. Quavo should have left Huncho in Huncho or this should have been a double album. THIS ALBUM IS A MARATHON and a sprint to the finish,..They all showed growth as artists..esp Takeoff and Quavo show a more personal approach towards the end of the album. This album is an easy listen. My favorite tracks: Work Hard, Walk it talk it, White sand, Open it up, Flooded. 8.5/10

D3xTr0m3th0rph4nApr 6, 2018!
Can we take a second to appriciate culture 2 for giving us the Walk It music vid.. That is hilarious.

Btw, its been 3 months and Culture 2 still slide..changing my vote to culture 2.
SuperNovaApr 7, 2018
Bon appétit
D3xTr0m3th0rph4nSep 11, 2018
Btw,...Album of the year.

Culture 2 still hott
HeartofaKingSep 11, 2018
without warning was hard and We The Ones from Quality Control was a banger still is
D3xTr0m3th0rph4nDec 25, 2018
Bump for opinions on Takeoffs album and Quavos album..

BTW Culture 3 dropping next month
D3xTr0m3th0rph4nAug 6, 2020!
well, we never got Culture 3..instead we got Offsets album.. which was okay. These solo albums each of them released honestly were all meh...

Quavo's album has really grown on me, really how disappointing how lazy it seems it was put together..seems to have some leftover tracks from the earlier 'Huncho Jack' album with Travis Scott. At the time I absolutely hated the direction that Quavo took with this album,..but now as old Quavo is LONG GONE, i dont mind this album as much anymore.

Takeoff album I still really like,..the Offset album is meh. I feel like taking the highlights off these 3 "albums" would make a dope mix. I don't know whos idea releasing 3 solo projects after Culture 1 and 2 was the smartest idea. None of these projects really did great commercially nor produced much buzz for either three of them. Seems like a waste,..esp when you already know Culture 3 would have been #1 on billboard. Just seems like they were pressured into these releases

EDIT: As it stands right now it seems Culture 3 is dead.
jackhammerAug 9, 2020
migos is garbage, please listen to real rap music
jackhammerAug 9, 2020
Minho’s are great, no one will ever be able to deny that Culture is a classic. Offset > Takeoff > Quavo imo
jackhammerAug 9, 2020
Lmfao I typed that on my phone and typo’d Migos gg
Offset > Takeoff > Quavo imo
U can say Quavo is the worst migo..u can make that case, but you can not deny Quavo is a hit maker and there would be no migos without him. Can you say the same about the other two? Quavo on the hook in all their early stuff, carried the group for 3 years. My list would actually be inverse of yours, so thats interesting..obviously its just preference but Quavo deserves the most props from the group...dudes a legit star

also Culture is a classic, and only their third best body of work.. after NL2 and YRN2 ofc
yeasayer10d 6h
my favorite migos right now is quavo
Fav new album?