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just was thinking about the EM interface. really I have no problems with the core of it, a text box and vote checker is all the game really needs to work. but i think it's a large problem for newer players etc. like notice how noavis always veg so i was thinking about how it can be improved.

ive been playing a lot of planet coaster so maybe this is my management sim side kicking in

in my perfect scenario parts of the UI would be modular so if you played BGO you would know that aspects of the game like (chat, inventory, player list, and main game window) can be resized at will depending on what the player wants. i'll expand on this idea in other examples but you'll see what I mean.

ok for the first example of a module i did the town meeting screen

so there's some things to note about this. so you'll notice the graphic and i think having pretty pictures is a good step forward in making the game easier to understand. my idea is that the person who is currently majority voted gets their name and avatar put up on the noose. this idea comes from emjack of course which places vote count next to the name on the vote list.

next comes the players vote. on their screen it will ALWAYS be the top box instead of a random place on the voting list. then of course comes the rest of the votes (yes i realize they don't perfect match up with the number). if you'll notice i chose some longer names here on purpose. if one wished too, they could expand the box and get rid of the ellipses.

Shwartz99Jan 17, 2018
that probably shouldnt even be that hard if lucid put minimal effort into this site
sl0ndermanJan 17, 2018
that probably shouldnt even be that hard if lucid put minimal effort into this site
im not going to start pointing fingers, i said this the other day. lucid isn't a game designer he's even really a website designer he was just a coder and he did this pretty much all by himself with suggestions at most helping him.
Shwartz99Jan 17, 2018
lucid steals most of his code anyways
sl0ndermanJan 17, 2018
ok that's not what this thread is about so i'm going to ask that you stop
blood4bloodgodJan 17, 2018
so i'm going to ask that you stop
sl0ndermanJan 17, 2018
so i really like the existing player list i dont think there's too much improve on it and i guess im not the only one

i like to use the suspected role a lot actually i think it's a really nice alternative to writing text based notes which like i said in my other post i think we can avoid entirely.

if in my new utopian interface it would be better as a horizontal table that wouldn't be difficult to implement or just a resizable window
the only thing I want to see added is 4 new suspect icons

suspected village/mafia/redmafia/3rd role but you don't know what role they are in specific
NegraJan 17, 2018
the UI right now is pretty self explanatory
if you can read you can use the UI
if you cant read why are you playing

i fuks with the role card idea though
Shwartz99Jan 17, 2018
profile pets when?
sl0ndermanJan 17, 2018!
ok so day actions the number one thing is probably items and right now it's just a list and i think just a small inventory can benefit this game so something like this. items are actually one of the most unique parts of em compared other mafia games so i think there should be enough clarity and focus.

so this is a pretty simple system in practice you get the item it appears in your inventory. say you got like every item in the game one night. instead of a list of drop downs you choose an item and get like one of these deals.

there was supposed to be a back button in that image i forgot it

so this might ruin like quickdraw setups where you have to shoot really fast or something idk, i don't think it would be a huge problem. especially with how hipfires are so frowned upon in main i dont think making shooting a gun more deliberate would be a problem.
sl0ndermanJan 17, 2018
so unless i'm really forgetting something there's 2 immediate day actions that i think warrant a small popup being the bride and anarchist bombs. i would probably place these towards the top of the screen such that it doesn't block the whole chat but also conveys the urgency.

there are probably the roughest mock ups i've done so far they can probably be much more compact but you get the idea
blood4bloodgodJan 17, 2018
sl0n at this point, just make your own derivative of the game. You could actually make some side cash. Delete all this proprietary information. Lucid doesn't deserve it; epic mafia doesn't deserve the sweat from your soft beautiful brow.
Shwartz99Jan 17, 2018
soft beautiful brow
sl0ndermanJan 17, 2018
no i don't believe that creating a spin off would be good for em or whatever new thing i make. it would just be a further split in a dwindling game.

the solution would be to buy em and implement changes but since that's unlikely i just kinda feel like conceptualizing.

also it's really not effort i'm just kinda drawing rectangles in paint and pasting in some clipart
blood4bloodgodJan 17, 2018
sl0n, we need curation, we need a creator. Devs that are around. I would happily switch to your game. the word could be spread, a mass exodus assured. my sweet sl0n, be the hero this community deserves.
deletedJan 17, 2018
You need to be able to turn the gun on yourself
cuteJan 17, 2018
when u hover ur role options (ex. cop: investigate someone) they should tell you what they do and the mechanics involved so u don't have to go to some other fookin tab to figure that dumb sht out
CarmenJan 17, 2018
just make it a ToS dlc
blood4bloodgodJan 17, 2018
there should be a button that autokills every weeb in a given game.
sl0ndermanJan 17, 2018
when u hover ur role options (ex. cop: investigate someone) they should tell you what they do and the mechanics involved so u don't have to go to some other fookin tab to figure that dumb sht out
ideally a role card would explain itself well enough to server this purpose but the link to the page would still exist for like weird interactions like people have been categorizing in those threads
Shwartz99Jan 17, 2018
For most of the roles there's a question mark next to the meeting

It would be great if when moused over, that question mark would tell you exactly what the role does


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