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Hello people! For those of you who don't know Secret Hitler is a hidden identity/social deduction party game, akin to Mafia and The Resistance. Official rules of the game can be found here.

We actually tried playing Forum Secret Hitler but site getting hacked and rollback that followed killed the game before it started. But Secret Hitler is my favourite game in this genre, so I'd like to try again!

I'll be using 8 player format as I feel it's the most balanced version and allows a faster/smoother gameplay. I'm copying the opening post from eat's thread since he is better than me at documentation anyway and I'll be taking signups in comments!

General Rules

Game Info

Game board

Secret Hitler: Cycle 5

President: Schikgil

Chancellor Candidate: KeepMovingOn

Vote: 7-1

Policy Enacted:

BromotaJan 7, 2018
KeepMovingOnJan 7, 2018
all had a lib card bullsht
k9tripJan 7, 2018


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