Chess with Recidivism102

Recidivism27mon 17d

I'm making a new thread because I think I have improved significantly and I'm using different openings. If you remind me that you beat me in one of the old threads I'll add you to the OP

Challenge me here, or discuss chess


Germ: (Scotch Game)

Ian (X5)

Coffeepatzer (X2)


Arisuu: (Scotch Game)

ErzaScarlet: (Bird Opening)

BillStickers: (Queens Gambit)

Coffeepatzer (X3): (Queen's Gambit Declined, Queen's Gambit Declined, Benoni Defense)

Anon 1: (Bishop's Opening, Berlin Defense)

Shamu: (Indian Game: Wade-Tartakower Defense. I used a Colle System setup against it as white)

Giga13: (Queen's Gambit Declined: 4. Bg5 Be7)

Giga13Oct 29, 2019!
Hey that was a draw until I played Kh8, it I went g8 instead we could have both triangulated and it would have been a draw.

GG, that's what I get for not playing for 6 months. Botching king with 1 pawn endings.
Giga13Oct 29, 2019
You had a chance to win on move 45 too
ChicagoOct 29, 2019
I'll play some chess :)
RecidivismOct 29, 2019

The great Giga13 has fallen. Great game includes an epic knight sacrifice on my part. Game was almost drawn, but giga slipped up in the fourth quarter.
Giga13Oct 29, 2019!
It was a draw against any good player, I blundered as black in this position and played h8 instead of g8

The knight for 3 pawns was still pretty good and I'm glad that it worked out lol
ChicagoOct 29, 2019
Want to play one giga?
RecidivismOct 29, 2019
A win is a win. I'm happy that I successfully did a knight sacrifice.
ChicagoOct 29, 2019
If someone opens one up i'll play a couple games. Feel free to PM me too if you want to play !
Recidivism1mon 27d!
I broke 1600 rating on lichess (top 36% of lichess players)

On the back of two of the better games I've ever played:

Here are some things I've learned:

Learing openings is very important. Not because you are going to play your opening perfectly below master level, but because having a familiar strategy from the get-go will translate into more wins.

As white I play the Queen's Gambit. I prefer it when the gambit is accepted and Queen's Gambit Accepted: Old Variation is my favorite and most played opening (80% win rate). I am very comfortable with it and have some trap lines memorized, so I am often able to win swiftly in this opening by attacking the queen side aggressively.

However, I am familiar with the declined variations and many of the defense variations as well.
Recidivism1mon 27d
I prefer the Queen's Gambit because it offers many opportunities for your opponent to make mistakes, often allows for a very aggressive and tactical attack, and otherwise offers familiar positional chess that allow me to weaken and exploit the opposing pawn structure.

In uncommon defenses like the horwitz or indian game, or against defenses I am unfamiliar with, I will pivot into a colle system by default with the long term goal of advancing the e pawn and controlling the center.

As black, I play a variation of alekhine's defese against all e4 openings. The goal of this unorthodox opening is to control the center with your knights and tempt your opponent into over extending their pawn structure, allowing you to flank and undermine it. It is an aggressive hypermodern counterattack, a lot of fun to play, and forces the common ruy lopez and italian game players to play an opening they are likely completely unfamiliar with.

Against d4 I will play an indian game. If they try to play it like a queen's gambit anyway, I play the mexican defense. The mexican defense is a slight inaccuracy, but it is similar to the alekhine defense so I employ it for the same reason.

Against the english opening, I alternate between the symmetrical variation and the kramniv-shirnov counterattack. I've had success with both and haven't decided between them yet.

In general, I like to try to control the center with my knights before my pawns. Given the opportunity I will always play aggressively or counterattack, but otherwise I will play with the long term goal of weakening my opponents pawn structure while solidifying my own, and exploiting those weaknesses late game.
Recidivism1mon 26d
Accepting challengers
calciumkid1mon 26d
Shutup Ron weasley
Recidivism1mon 26d
Shutup Ron weasley
Ron was bad at chess
calciumkid1mon 26d
So why did dumbledore give him like 30 points at the end for chess huh??
calciumkid1mon 26d
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calciumkid1mon 26d
Disgusting behavior on 2019
calciumkid1mon 26d
joqiza1mon 25d
@Recidivism I'll play
okiedokes1mon 25d
play chess w me ; _ ;

(anyone can play)
okiedokes1mon 25d