Chess with Recidivism102

Recidivism27mon 17d

I'm making a new thread because I think I have improved significantly and I'm using different openings. If you remind me that you beat me in one of the old threads I'll add you to the OP

Challenge me here, or discuss chess


Germ: (Scotch Game)

Ian (X5)

Coffeepatzer (X2)


Arisuu: (Scotch Game)

ErzaScarlet: (Bird Opening)

BillStickers: (Queens Gambit)

Coffeepatzer (X3): (Queen's Gambit Declined, Queen's Gambit Declined, Benoni Defense)

Anon 1: (Bishop's Opening, Berlin Defense)

Shamu: (Indian Game: Wade-Tartakower Defense. I used a Colle System setup against it as white)

Giga13: (Queen's Gambit Declined: 4. Bg5 Be7)

vildenJan 25, 2018!
Which casino you playing at @Alex
AlexJan 25, 2018
I'm off strip at an airbnb because I'm with 8 other people
AlexJan 25, 2018
Oh you edited that post I played a few hours at the Wynn earlier and left up 300
HershbergerJan 25, 2018
I need to learn how to play chess at some point at an average level. mastering it seems like a pointless investment
yeah sort of like reading or practicing discipline
RecidivismJan 25, 2018
RecidivismFeb 5, 2018

Can I get a d4 player to practice against?
deletedFeb 5, 2018
that would not be me lad sorry
RecidivismFeb 5, 2018
jessFeb 5, 2018
hi reci
RecidivismFeb 5, 2018 Very challenging win against Shamu, it was fun.
ErzaScarIetFeb 6, 2018
This needs to be added to your wall of fame
RecidivismOct 29, 2019
Any takers?
RecidivismOct 29, 2019!
My max elo has risen about 300 points since I last did this thread.

I no longer play scotch game. I play queen's gambit and variations thereof exclusively as white, unless the player with the black pieces does something weird, in which case I pivot into a colle system.

As black I play Alekhine's defense against E4, Mexican Defense against D4, and Kramnik-Shirov counterattack against The English Opening.
ShrubOct 29, 2019!
I'll play you. I haven't properly studied the game though but I'm like 1250 on
Giga13Oct 29, 2019!
I'll play you when I have time.

I beat you 3 times in my thread

I also haven't played in a while so I probably got worse lol, tried some bullet the other day and got smacked around
deletedOct 29, 2019
play me, i don't play bullet, 11 mins games minimum
BecomeclearOct 29, 2019
im very bad but i can play
LinkerOct 29, 2019
I can destroy you again if you want

You good tho
RecidivismOct 29, 2019
RecidivismOct 29, 2019
still open