Chess with Recidivism102

Recidivism31mon 28d

I'm making a new thread because I think I have improved significantly and I'm using different openings. If you remind me that you beat me in one of the old threads I'll add you to the OP

Challenge me here, or discuss chess


Germ: (Scotch Game)

Ian (X5)

Coffeepatzer (X2)


Arisuu: (Scotch Game)

ErzaScarlet: (Bird Opening)

BillStickers: (Queens Gambit)

Coffeepatzer (X3): (Queen's Gambit Declined, Queen's Gambit Declined, Benoni Defense)

Anon 1: (Bishop's Opening, Berlin Defense)

Shamu: (Indian Game: Wade-Tartakower Defense. I used a Colle System setup against it as white)

Giga13: (Queen's Gambit Declined: 4. Bg5 Be7)

RecidivismDec 29, 2019
deletedDec 30, 2019
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