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Edit: Think I'm gonna kill this finally. EM just has so many errors lately that can make posting a pain sometimes and this lobby looks deader than ever. It's been fun.

i want a daily thread thing so that I can be unoriginal. Feel free to ask me questions or talk to me if you're interested in what I post or even if u aren't idc.

Edit: I'll add the important daily stuff here in list forms for an easy way to see them all at a glance without going through the pages.

Daily Songs:


Anime Recommendations:

  • Made in Abyss
  • Koe no Katachi
  • Shiki
  • Gatchaman Crowds & Gatchaman Crowds Insight
  • Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

Seasonal Anime Recommendation list thing:

I've kept a list of brief thoughts on seasonal anime I watch on a different site for a few years now. That site is gone now but I still keep track so if ur interested u can check it out here I guess...


There's tons of shows not mention here that I watch each season as well in addition to shows I watch after they've already aired so just ask if you're curious about anything else or check out my MyAnimeList account it has a complete list. I typically watch around 25 anime a season so there's a good chance I've seen or at least know most shows you would be interested about.

Currently Playing:

  1. OldSchool Runescape
  2. A Hat in Time
  3. Pokemon Insurgence (playing alongside Tucker)
  4. Pokemon Ultra Moon (On Hold with 2 Update posts ready to go)

I occasionally stream what I play on twitch if you wanna follow me. https://www.twitch.tv/kanjo63

R0ronoaZoroAug 27, 2018
DAILY SONG: Inova - Sunken
R0ronoaZoroAug 28, 2018
old but still good

DAILY SONG: Meg and Dia - Monster
R0ronoaZoroAug 30, 2018!
em failed on me yesterday again so daily double!!

Masayoshi Oishi - Otomodachi Film

TO-MAS - Überwältigende macht
From the Flip Flappers OST
R0ronoaZoroDec 10, 2019!
logged in again today after along time so hi I'm alive. Hope everyone is doing well.

Here's a song for old times sake

but also bye I prob won't login again for a while. :)
evoDec 10, 2019
lol hi
XFireDec 11, 2019
miss u
cuteDec 16, 2019
i hope ur doing well !!!!!!!!
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