Infiltration Mission57

sl0nderman42mon 14d

ChristopherzillaMay 25, 2017
sl0nd keep up the good work and expose any salem players you think may be among us
sl0ndermanMay 25, 2017!
I thought I could do a throne of lies thing but the only thing I could find so far was this bit of sad advertising

Worth mentioning that ToL takes up the top 5 tweets in the #epicmafia tag
SirAmelioMay 25, 2017
i can't wait for lucid to sue them
sl0ndermanMay 25, 2017
Wait a second


BecomeclearMay 25, 2017
very good thread
NegraMay 25, 2017
I like epicmafia because my computer can't handle town of salem
quicheMay 25, 2017
VoltaMay 25, 2017!
Siren: Seems a little easy to win as

sl0ndermanMay 25, 2017
sl0ndermanDec 7, 2018
don't mind me just checking in

NegraDec 7, 2018
Epicmafia not on steam yet

Idiots BTFO
AlyssaDec 7, 2018
this poses quite the question then..
AlyssaDec 7, 2018
how do we make mafia epic again?
NegraDec 7, 2018
how do we make mafia epic again?
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vom53Dec 8, 2018
how do we make mafia epic again?
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BlessedBaphometDec 8, 2018
infiltrate this bucci
sl0ndermanJul 31, 2019


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Today I Learned

That town of salem doesn't have a vanilla villager role because people find it too boring
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