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xPooky42mon 25d

So, I was thinking of making one of my own, hopefully there will be enough posts... Also, if I have something negative to say, don't take it badly hopefully. I will try to keep it as accurate as i can

xPookyJun 21, 2020
gimme one
I remember first bumping into you when I used to play with Kai a lot. First opinion from then, was you were arrogant imo. I remember seeing people try to type to you but you will literally just ignore them and only ever reply or talk to people who you know which is understandable that you probably didn't want to waste your time with randoms but you can still come off as arrogant to their minds. Anyway, I have seen you come and off, can safely say that you mellowed down that behavior as I did ask a few mutual friends between us and they agreed. Not going to comment on the drama behind the scenes, but when you warm up to a person, you are a really cool person to hang with. Gameplay-wise, you are a coinflip player imo, either you literally get all the mafia or you get a big fat 0. Literally a hero to zero or zero to hero.
xPookyJun 21, 2020
I find u cringe outside games, seeing what you type in the lobby wall and forums, even more cringe than the normal average EM player. Ingame though, you are a competent player which is actually above average time to time when you really want to win. Otherwise, I didn't interact with you enough to make an opinion on personality.
xPookyJun 22, 2020
idk if u remember me but hi
I remember first time I met you was through the Survivor org we did, I believe it was Andes? Anyway, aside from that you are a very friendly caring individual who cares about friends and defend them loyally from what I see which is cool. But, I feel you are also an individual who seeks validation from the community and seeks attention from those you like. So a few ups and downs, but the positives outweigh the negatives by a good amount. stay frosty!
RocheyJun 22, 2020
xPookyJun 23, 2020
You were a man of mystery to me, I can never find your true personality. I see you a man of immaturity back then when I first met you and you somehow flip to becoming a responsible, mature adult within a certain time span and back to immaturity and so on and so forth. This went on for a while but these past few months have shown me differently, you are a constant mature person I personally like talking to, I do not know if you feel the same way but I do. One thing that baffles me about you though is I feel like you are still insecure and under-confident about yourself as you do not like sharing even a measly picture of yourself in fear of being judged I assume... You are a great guy with great traits though, keep it up fam!
time for my 3 year update. this is an opinion subscription. updated versions each time you return
Basically, a lot of things feel the same about you, I feel like u are the perfect combination of mature and childish which is pretty fun considering u can be the type of person u can talk seriously about anything to and it is always fun to have a voicechat or do any activities with u. It is what makes people attracted to wanting to vibe with you. To be honest, when u went on hiatus, and I saw u come back, I was pretty happy since I felt that we vibed pretty well back then and I still feel we do. hand in hand to wonderland
MizzmoxJun 24, 2020
i'm looking forward to this you wholesome man
xPookyJun 24, 2020
we were never close or really mingled much at all so I will just try to remember what I can. Ur skill at mafia is actually above average and I was kind of taken back when u were newer since most players at the same amount of games at u back then were pretty mediocre compared to u, keep it up. I haven't played with u at all lately so I can't say if it's still the same up to now. I respect the fact that you can voice and defend your own beliefs and opinions as I remember seeing u back then through the lobby wall. I hear only positive stuff when I saw a few people talk about u before through pre-game chats which is always good imo. Stay cool
fifthelementJun 24, 2020
Hi xPooky <3
MisterPresidentJun 24, 2020
I guess I don't really know you that well but sure
bansheewhatJun 24, 2020
i saw fifthelement's avi and name color and i thought wow lucid brought back the b/w filter
papuitoJun 24, 2020
hey pooky I would like an opinion
I only talked with you recently, but as soon as we first talked, I already felt in love with you #noHomo. Anyway, I feel like you are the type to always be there for people when they are feeling low and lost, because you are just that type of great person. For sure, I can talk to you for hours and hours and I would not feel bored, as we have talked in pre-game lobby countless times even when it passed page 1. I know this is not to only your friends too, you are a great person at heart even to new people who you haven't met before just as I experienced when I met you for the first time. Sorry for my ates, I know that you know you can never trust me the same anymore :D

I hope this hasn't changed
deermanJun 24, 2020
do me
mindfulJun 24, 2020
hi ok