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Animal Crossing:

NES games included with online service:

quasimodoFeb 20, 2020
*buys a nintendo switch* *buys a nintendo switch* *keeps both*
AlyssaFeb 22, 2020
now listen here you
OprahFeb 22, 2020
i asked for a switch for the holidays and im poor so thats all i got and omg it sucks so much i had no idea you had to pay for internet subscription thats so dumbbb omg i wan a kill myself does anyone want my switch i also have pkmn sword
not even trying to act funny but if you can round up a few other people (9 i think) who want to also get internet subscription you can get a family deal, it's like $5/6 per year each! beyond that yeah paying for internet access on the console is a heap of flaming trash </3
aquariusFeb 22, 2020
*buys a nintendo switch* *buys a nintendo switch* *keeps both*
KilliaFeb 22, 2020
i love animal crossing widepeepohappy
KenmaMar 12, 2020
i'm so ready for animel crosen
luis4rodMar 19, 2020
Mfw Alyssa didn't post the indie showcase
aquariusMar 23, 2020
AlyssaJun 22, 2020
kinoJun 22, 2020
games i'm excited for:

new pokemon snap
crystal chronicles
VolleyJun 22, 2020
apex legends coming to switch
MotivationalLizardJun 22, 2020
apex legends coming to switch
if Its as bad as most fps games on the switch Im ready to be disappointed :)
kinoJun 22, 2020
don't worry, all fps games are bad on all consoles.
jacobkrin20d 5h
jacobkrin20d 5h
now this is amazing
wertyo20d 5h
Got Diablo 3 on switch lite after having played it years ago on PC. It actually runs amazingly well, and the controls are actually easier on the console than PC. Highly recommended buy if you've ever been a fan of the Diablo games.
Alyssa20d 40m
limited run on a game that can be bought digitally is a real head scratcher
Alyssa20d 40m
otherwise amazing direct
*ports* *worst m-galaxy* *more ports*
*DMCA mario royale and then copy it behind paywall*
*60 dollar DLC*

wowee thanks nintendo i'll consoom right away
that 3d all stars do be looking kinda fire though.
Are you getting the nintendo switch?

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every time a sonic game comes out, democracy becomes one step closer to failiure
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