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AlyssaSep 4, 2019
AlyssaSep 4, 2019
Some notable things from this direct!

-Overwatch is coming this October
-More Luigi's Mansion 3 gameplay, coming this Halloween
-"Free to start" Super Kirby Clash game
-Banjo comes out today, Terry from Fatal Fury is the 4th smash dlc announced
-Doom 64 returns
-A few new pokemon features
-SNES games being added to those using the switch's online service
-5 glorious minutes of Animal Crossing info
-Xenoblade Chronicles makes a return for the switch

(In the followup with Banjo gameplay, new dlc outfits revealed including team rocket grunts and Sans from Undertale)
eadinSep 4, 2019
also more smash characters are being developed past this pack, and home run contest has been added!!!

some other things alyssa didnt mention:

-return of the obra dinn will arrive on switch later this fall! it's a cool as hell puzzle/mystery game made by the creator of papers please!
-a new game freak rpg, little town hero, will be out next month. its really cute, and the mechanics look hella interesting. plus, the soundtrack is composed by undertale creator toby fox!
-deadly premonition 2! the first game was weird as hell, but its a survival horror game with lots of similarities to things like twin peaks, and a modern cult classic.
-more info on trials of mana!
-ports!!! including but not limited to:
*the first deadly premonition!
*divinity original sin 2: definitive edition!
*star wars jedi knight 2!
*tokyo mirage sessions #fe encore! (shin megami tensei/fire emblem crossover)
*assassins creed 4 and rogue!
*devil may cry 2!!!!!!!!!

theres a few more things not mentioned, but im excited for a lot of these. every direct this year has been a wonderful surprise and im excited to see what else nintendo has in store for us in 2020.
SonginSep 4, 2019
-Xenoblade Chronicles makes a return for the switch
Best news of today.
AlyssaNov 6, 2019
Not sure if I've shared much smash news but Terry came out today!
eadinNov 6, 2019
it makes me so happy!!!!!!!!! rbff and kof98 were my childhood

to commemorate my boy gettin in smash i leave you all with a reminder of the best voice clips ever to grace us in video games

eadinNov 6, 2019
seriously you Cant get any better than "overshit gayzar"
AlyssaNov 15, 2019
Gen 8 of pokemon is out today! Good luck to all you trainers (and all you boycotters lul)
KomahinaNov 15, 2019!
Pokemon ended on USUM what do you mean?
ObitoSigmaNov 15, 2019!
Pokemon had 2 generations in the 90s.

Pokemon had 2 more generations in the 00s.

This decade alone, Pokemon gained an additional 4 generations.
ObitoSigmaNov 15, 2019!
Sceptile never made it to Smash because of timing. Melee released a year before Sceptile's debut so only featured Johto-prominent Pokemon. Brawl released a year after DP so only featured a Sinnoh-prominent Pokemon. 4 released a year after XY but before ORAS so only featured a Kalos-prominent Pokemon. By the time Ultimate came out, it was too late as they stuck with SM-prominent Pokemon.
KennyNov 22, 2019
Hello people. I need people to trade and raid with in sword and shield.

Please feel free to add me on the switch!
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AlyssaNov 27, 2019
Magikarp is too op
luis4rodDec 5, 2019
Mario Maker 2 updates: Includes Master Sword power-up
AlyssaDec 10, 2019

Not anything that interested me too much, outside of Gleamlight. I feel this game has potential to be great
jacobkrinDec 10, 2019
streets of rage 4 and axiom verge 2's coming out next year? can't wait!
luis4rodDec 10, 2019
Sports Story intro was quite the indie powermove gj Nintendo
SirAmelioDec 10, 2019
love supermash!!!

will also probs pick up streets of rage 4

sports story also looks great but realistically i dont think its super my thing
tinynanamiDec 10, 2019
i wan t nitendo switch but its so expensive in my country can i get a like
123emilSDec 13, 2019
Are you getting the nintendo switch?

Legend has it that

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