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D3xTr0m3th0rph4n43mon 15d

I know yall want to be a bunch of D3x clones. Do not try to copy cuz it cant not be done..I made me, me..My mind is the straight dope, and this world is mine..your all in my world.

You can follow god, but u cant b god.

If yall want to be a druggie tryna copy, it wont work..i warped my own mind, a chemical can not be me (ironic ik) stfu

BecomeclearOct 5, 2019
I imagine he looks a lot like Sonseray
ManDontCareOct 7, 2019
Wow, I missed this. For once, I’m not happy about having a correct judgment of character
RecidivismOct 7, 2019
I imagine he looks a lot like Sonseray
Damn what is your problem? I wasn't even in this thread.
MisterPresidentOct 7, 2019
I don't think Ian can ever come back from that one
RecidivismOct 7, 2019
Whatever cow-man, I can play Feeling Whitney. Chicks dig Feeling Whitney.
D3xTr0m3th0rph4nFeb 21, 2020
I had a psychotic break a few weeks ago,.. due to my over use of PCP, which started around the New Years. I had gotten 50 grams [like $6,000] worth, and the plan was to sell some of it and use the rest of it sparingly.

Well ofc having 50 grams of PCP laying around the house wasn't good for me and I quickly became a daily user. I am no chump when it come to drugs so naturally I pushed the limits with this substance and if you know anything about PCP, it can make you black out at high doses and act erratically.

So p much I was smoking/snorting about a half gram a day,..and ended up freaking out on a black out..destroying my home..I dont really remember anything but I had also lost my stash.

This had some pretty bad consequences mentally. 1. The embarrassment of wilding out on PCP 2. The fact I was now sober after doing PCP everyday for a few months 3. Transitioning between new jobs. Left my confidence and esteem at an all time low. This all was truly horrifying experience. And I have been smoking weed again to cope with the uncomfortableness I feel while sober now.

Hopefully my brain heals..its been ab 3 weeks but my brain still feels tired and fried lol.
SHERKFeb 22, 2020
damn clay hope that all works out for ya bud

i tried dmt for the first time last week after i got a concussion 2 and a half weeks ago

Thought I had lost all my memories/my mind and was in the hospital while I was tripping lmao, pretty fkin terrifying experience.
SonginFeb 23, 2020
Really sad to hear that you went through that. At least you were able to recognize the danger and stopped before it got anymore worse. I'll definitely be keeping you in my thoughts and wishing for the best.
D3xTr0m3th0rph4nMay 15, 2020
I am done with this site for awhile, I am getting burnt out. Wanted to get most plays on VDLI before I left..remember to turn adblocker off so that this site can stay alive.
YozoYMay 15, 2020
damn big OG is leaving us, now they are stuck with bunch of losers like me
AnneMay 15, 2020
gonna miss u d3x!!! hope things go well for u outside of the site
DarkBMay 15, 2020
im sorry d3x i hope things are better for you
ilarioMay 18, 2020
Wish you all the best dude, gonna miss ya! Stay off the pcp lol
D3xTr0m3th0rph4nJul 23, 2020!
===Weekly recipe for sanity===

4 - Pall Mall Red 100s
4 - handles
7g - dank weed
40mg - methadone [every three day]
--alternatively sub Perc 20 IR everyday [good luck affording that]
1.5g - 2fdck [200mg IM?20mg?IV] -nighty


7mg 4-aco-dmt [pref mix w/ IV 2fdck]
any xanax
any Disso RC to replace the ketamine
crack is fun sometimes

not sure what i wrote here, think its stuff i need to b happy..i think with this recipe one should sufficiently be able to block out reality

THIS combination of drugs has NOT been approved for FDA... and ofc the RCs are NOT intended for human consumption,.. its all purely theoretical,. Honestly if you really do wanna live, probably jsut throw a stimulant somewhere for everyday use,.. I just leave those out bc of the mania
i ignore the post above unless , i found 10 grams of ketamine i lost a month ago :}...

also my 2 year sobriety date came and went,..smellYAlaterNERD.
D3xTr0m3th0rph4n1mon 21d!
20 tokens for first person to give me a good reason to burn a spoon