Final Fantasy 1442

deleted44mon 17d

I'm going full nerd mode on this game until I get over having my heart broken, so at least a few months, if anyone from here is interested in getting into it.

nightmarePhantomMar 28, 2019
Viera (female-only) race:

Hrothgar (male-only) race:
TheBluestVillagerApr 17, 2019
Wait FFXIV is getting new classes lmao?
SmileMay 9, 2019
Oh people actually still play FFXIV?

Cool inbox me.
NeptuneMay 9, 2019
no me
SmileMay 11, 2019
ok inbox songin instead
KilliaMay 26, 2019
I've played for around 4 years as a warrior =)
SmileJun 6, 2019
June 28th early access for Shadowbringers
SmileJun 29, 2019
good stuff so far w/ new expansion
NeptuneJun 30, 2019
Expansion is amazing, too bad I'm on gilgamesh and it takes me 2 hours to log in.
SmileJul 3, 2019
queues are disgusting in NA.
SmileApr 23, 2020
(Bumping this because I still really enjoy this game)

I moved to Aether and I gotta tell ya...I'm rich af because of hunt trains ♡
SmileAug 12, 2020

Il Mheg is always a nice place for gpose
KilliaAug 15, 2020
ClairAug 21, 2020
oops i got the free trial
SmileAug 22, 2020
Good thing you can fly in ARR, less quests, and higher level for trial
Clair1mon 29d!
i was afk in limsa and came back to find myself being sat on by a group of people. i reacted in shock and these two tall dark beauties started doting on me while i was working from home on the other monitor
Clair1mon 29d
im lvl 33? and i dont have a mount. should i have one by now?
deleted1mon 29d
im lvl 33? and i dont have a mount. should i have one by now?
It is an incredible game (perhaps my favorite ever) though I have not played in 4 years. Grinding for the legendary primal mounts is the most fun I've ever had playing a video game, especially tanking sophia extreme difficulty runs back when she was the hardest primal.

I'm pretty sure u can get a mount at any level, but I highly recommend grinding the extreme primal mounts with people your same level if you want a good time. You can grind the horses at level 40 and the birds at level 60 (rather than having higher level people run you through it. You can do this for old content but it takes the fun out of it). There is only like a 1% chance for 1 person in the party to get the special primal mount, and the mounts are entirely cosmetic, but they play the boss music when you ride them and they are the hardest mounts in the game to get and it is satisfying as heck to have earned them.

Not sure what the game looks like now, but at level 60 the extreme primal fights are amazing. I highly recommend grinding sophia for the mount with a party of people who are not overscaled for it (level 60 and under I think). You'll be robbing yourself if you don't.
deleted1mon 29d

Best boss battle in any video game ever. Be ready for extreme tryhard rage and frustration and nerds literally crying on mic when you lose. The mount plays the song in the second phase of the boss fight (when the lady starts singing) whenever you ride it.
deleted1mon 29d