Final Fantasy 1431

Recidivism41mon 28d

I'm going full nerd mode on this game until I get over having my heart broken, so at least a few months, if anyone from here is interested in getting into it.

nightmarePhantomMar 28, 2019
Viera (female-only) race:

Hrothgar (male-only) race:
TheBluestVillagerApr 17, 2019
Wait FFXIV is getting new classes lmao?
SmileMay 9, 2019
Oh people actually still play FFXIV?

Cool inbox me.
NeptuneMay 9, 2019
no me
SmileMay 11, 2019
ok inbox songin instead
KilliaMay 26, 2019
I've played for around 4 years as a warrior =)
SmileJun 6, 2019
June 28th early access for Shadowbringers
SmileJun 29, 2019
good stuff so far w/ new expansion
NeptuneJun 30, 2019
Expansion is amazing, too bad I'm on gilgamesh and it takes me 2 hours to log in.
SmileJul 3, 2019
queues are disgusting in NA.
SmileApr 23, 2020
(Bumping this because I still really enjoy this game)

I moved to Aether and I gotta tell ya...I'm rich af because of hunt trains ♡