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dooze42mon 13d

Suggest future polls below!!

Also PM Shwartz if anyone is interested in doing a storyline poll? I'm pretty sure Chris did this and it sounds cool

SteelixMegaSep 1, 2018
Favorite datguiser alt?
davidSep 8, 2018
Shwartz99Oct 28, 2018
If everyone came up with a good poll we'd have enough to change the poll every week for a year.
VoltaOct 28, 2018
delete polls
deletedOct 28, 2018
favorite cgi childrens halloween movie
-the nightmare before christmas
-monster house
-scary godmother
-scared shrekless
LeChuckOct 29, 2018
favorite cgi childrens halloween movie
-the nightmare before christmas
not cgi
deletedOct 29, 2018!
f***************************ck you
doozeNov 8, 2018
Did lucid just change the poll lmao
deletedNov 8, 2018
Favorite YellowPear thread

- Star Wars, Masturbating at birds (don't vote this one), The Sandbox report issue 1, God damn furries, Pickle Rick, Message for roblox users, I have a huge crush on golbolco, Giraffe, Goodnight, > and here's why, hey there..., daily noodles, Santiago Maldonado case, creame cbeeae banana pie, making not stupid but funny threads, knock knock, disrespect, The Greatest Day Cometh, Jinga Campaign Thread, harry botter transcript, Daily Daily stuff (1), Herredy is the reason i work out, Daily Daily stuff (2), nonsense in a can, what's the point of 10 upvotes, Original Ghost Busters Theme Song, Favorite Dinos!, tkens for a kul bakgrund, im leaving epicmafia, We are living in a bot community, Soldier Eecruiting, Avoid using the word very, the game review
reminder this is still a suggestion
123emilSNov 8, 2018!
Most important/favorite sandbox commandment

Shwartz99Nov 8, 2018
they're all important tho
123emilSNov 9, 2018
they're all important tho
You can still have favorites tho
quasimodoNov 11, 2018
best quasimodo
deletedNov 14, 2018
best caregiver

Adoptive Mom
Adoptive Dad
Older Brother
Older Sister
torikateNov 30, 2018
rule you want to remove:

Game Related Suicide
Game Throwing
Outside Game Influence
Insufficient Participation
Lobby Camping
Repeated Suicides
Copied Mechanics
Lobby Trolling
Shwartz99Nov 30, 2018
um the only rule that works here is HC
IAmANoobDec 2, 2018
What is a tomato?

1. Fruit
2. Vegetable
3. Scientifically, its reproductive process is similar to a fruit, but its taste and nutrients more resemble that of a typical vegetable.
4. Meat
gameshowmasterDec 20, 2018
Favorite lolchurros-ism?

Ever farted so hard?
weird flex but okay
obama or Oosama?
torikateJan 30, 2019
What Remote Button would you want for your life?
1 Pause
2 Fast Forward
3 Rewind
4 Volume/Mute
5 Guide
6 Off
BrambleJan 30, 2019
Adam Sandler
1. Adam Sandler
2. Adam Sandler
3. Adam Sandler
4. Adam Sandler
5. Adam Sandler
How often should polls change?