tfw trump304

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is about to save america and the free world

tfw the star of the apprentice saves humanity

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scripted events in the middle east. now why would you do that?

separate incident caught on tape in baghdad:

the syrian gas videos:

(gas attack does not fit what they would actually see)

(doctors familiar with real gas attacks say it was faked)

( Theodore Postol says the report shows the gas attack was staged)

(film maker conceded AFTER the video was outed as fake) Before that, it was pushed as a real video by the media.
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“'It’s Going to Be Staggering, the Amount of Names': As the Jeffrey Epstein Case Grows More Grotesque, Manhattan and DC Brace for Impact

The disgraced financier "collected people,” said a source. Could some of them be implicated in his crimes?"

it will soon be time for the world to know.

godspeed to the human race.

Tfw Trump pardons ASAP Rocky