tfw trump249

Orly28mon 4d

is about to save america and the free world

tfw the star of the apprentice saves humanity

Soluciones1mon 27d
good things or bad things?
Soluciones1mon 27d
delano your last comment showed brain dead tendencies
Orly1mon 8d
Orly1mon 8d
what happens to a person's reality when it becomes flipped?

what happens when the people you thought were evil seem relatively good, in comparison to the true, terrible evil of the ones you thought were good?

there arent enough safe spaces in the world to cover that level of insecurity
Oct 26, 2017
Orly1mon 8d!
where were you when the world went topsy turvy?

welcome to clown world, boys and girls

act 4 begins. are you ready for the climax?
How many times will you ask this
Orly1mon 1d
Orly1mon 1d!
xtal1mon 1d
you still a trump basedboy?