tfw trump2,049

Orly40mon 20d

is about to save america and the free world

tfw the star of the apprentice saves humanity

Orly10d 10h
quid pro quo. to be fully understood at a later date.

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lmao this guy is so fkd

Orly3d 1h
remember how planned parenthood got accused of certain things?

this is the latest from the legal case:

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Tfw Trump threatens to take over or regulate privately owned social media platforms
Orly2d 6h
another hot take from, eh
no he tweeted that he was going to shut down twitter or heavily regulate it
Orly1d 6h!

in short, this website (and every other like it) will not be allowed to censor on a whim anymore, and more importantly, google will be getting sued for trying to force platforms to do so.

will take some time to implement, though, as you have to legislate first, take to court after, and then the impact will trickle through the infrastructure